A queer power play lap dance workshop

Pride House
June 16th

Exploring Sexy Movement: A Workshop with Dunne and Freid

We are Dunne and Freid and we love to play with sexy movement and dancing. The more we do it, the more diverse it seems to get to us. During this workshop we will explore some of the magic of it.

The aim of the workshop is to find ways to feel comfortable expressing yourself by sexy movement to music. We will work with techniques to release performance anxiety and self-awareness that can be linked to dancing, and our hope is a freer and more intuitive interpretation of sexy movement. We hope for the group to find that yummy feeling, when body and movement become one with the music, and you feel irresistibly tempting and/or intimidating and terrifying to your partner.

We will also discuss and explore different ways to give and receive lap dances; how we can shift the power dynamics by using rules, tools and various ways to approach one another. Who is the top or bottom in this game, really? Come dance with us and find out!

This workshop is for queer folks of all genders.

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Age: 18+

Organizer: Kollektivet Kom & Gå (KKG)

Date: June 16th

Time: 15:00 - 16:00

Location: Pride House, City Library, Götaplatsen 3, 412 56

Scene: Auditorium/Hörsalen

Language: English & Svenska

Price: Free